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Powerline chain for dry feeding system

Optimum transport chain for dry feeding system

The PowerLine chain is the answer to the market’s increasing need for large transport capacity for both pellets and meal, as well as low maintenance costs.

  • The PowerLine chain is made of two types of specially hardened steel
  • The interlink quality of the entire PowerLine chain has been tested
  • Self-emptying drive station which releases the chain easily
  • Strong, reliable corner wheel which opens easily
  • Take-up station with exact feed dosing and stepless adjustment

Minimal wear and tear is secured through the combination of special steel and a hardening process allowing the individual links to adjust to each other.

The PowerLine chain is easily assembled with a specially-hardened S-hook.

The construction of the PowerLine chain, featuring a single wire between the plastic discs, ensures efficient delivery at the individual feeding points.

Moulded-on, large-diameter plastic discs ensure feed transport without over-dosage.

The PowerLine construction combines the high strength and durability of the traditional transport chain with the light and self-emptying construction of the conventional wire.

Optimum transport chain for Ø60 mm feeding system

Each corner in the diagram corresponds to 15 metres.

Systems dimensioned on the basis of the diagram must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Use of corners with 5 spokes.
  • Use of Ø7 mm connecting links.
  • Use of motor-driven uptake station.
  • 2-off Ø28 mm holes at all outlets (see the following description).

* At 2,2 kW: The displayed length works only if the system is emptied before stop. If the system stops with feed in the pipeline, the maximum length is 50 meter.

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